Sleepy Hollow: Continuing the Investigation

After, the premiere episode of Sleepy Hollow set the scene for Abbie and Ichabod’s dark adventure , the following two lead viewers farther into the mythology and intrigue of the two witnesses and the unusual town.
The episodes play out in a “monster of the week” type format, but with each creature revealing more about Abbie and Ichabod’s pasts and the prophecy surrounding the two witnesses.  The first episode set a dark, fast-paced and mysterious tone for the show. One that seems like it would be hard to deliver weekly. But Sleepy Hollow doesn’t disappoint.
Both episodes expand on the supernatural elements of the town  and the prophecies surrounding the roles of Abbie and Ichabod.  In the second episode,  it starts off with Ichabod’s wife, Katrina appearing to him in a dream warning him of the impending dark witch that is to come. Then  we see the presumed dead Andy Dunn on the hunt to find the ancestors of Robert Daniel Firth.  An ancient witch, Serilda of Abbadon was sentenced to death by Firth and  will be resurrected with the ashes of his ancestors.
The third episode begins with Abbie’s dream of witnessing her younger self being interrogated by Crane and a mysterious woman. She awakes to being called to a crime scene, a woman , Dr. Vega is about to jump off a building and will only talk to her.  The woman is her sister Jenny’s former psychiatrist  who believed Jenny was telling the truth about the ordeal they saw when they were young. But Dr. Vega is also the woman who Abbie saw in her dream, but with completely white eyes. sh
Although the episodes expand on the otherworldly aspects of Sleepy Hollow, the characters are not bogged down by mythology. They are complemented by it. In the second episode, we learn about the coven of good witches and coven of dark witches. Ichabod’s wife Katrina is a witch, presumably a good one. In episode three, the people being forced to kill themselves by the demon are all the people who didn’t help Abbie’s sister , Jenny.
In both episodes, the unusual circumstances bring Abbie and Ichabod closer and reveal more about the two and their pasts.  When Abbie wants to leave Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod is determined to make her stay .  After visiting her sister in the mental institution, she confides in Ichabod, telling him a secret she hasn’t told anyone else. This reveals more about the past and what her and Jenny went through when they were younger. In the same respect, when people are being killed by Serilda of Abbadon in the second episode, Ichabod tells a story of an incident that happened during the war that helps them figure out what is going on.

When she is put into a dream state that will decide if she lives or dies, Ichabod willingly decides to go into this dream world with her, putting his own life in danger. This demonstrates his new found fondness for their partnership, which we also see when he states ” I do take comfort knowing that this strange road we find ourselves on can only be traveled together.”

But their companionship isn’t too heavy or too cliche. Their banter and sarcastic comments  demonstrate their differences. Abbie is still reluctant to accept their fate and still taken aback by Ichabod’s full acceptance of his duty as a witness.
Every revelation, whether it be about a supernatural counterpart or about the lives of the characters themselves,  occur slowly and subtly. Bits of pieces of information are woven through the narrative and give viewers just enough to keep them guessing.